DIY Wine Racks

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About Cellaracks

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Cellaracks is a new approach for wine enthusiast to cellar their wines.  Our racking approach allows you to easily customize your space to maximize storage, enables diverse layouts with personal flare.  Cellarack does not constrain you to prepackaged structures; rather our design allows for the free flowing transition from straight runs to radius at various lengths and heights.  Once assembled, the cross-bar and cross-linked structure that provides secure storage at an affordable price. Although standard Cellaracks packages are available; for custom designs, we merely need the length and height of the space you’d like to fill.  Cellaracks also supplies counter top accents, cabinet/display inserts, unique storage areas like under a stairway or a complete cellar layout, please allow Cellaracks to simplify this process.

The developers enjoy their wine, but were frustrated by limited D-I-Y cellar storage solutions.  The Cellaracks is the outcome of this journey. Our vision is to have a fully user-customizable and expandable rack that flows directly into corners, accommodates offsets of differing heights and lengths, and allows the user to create a unique cellar space.  Importantly, you can maximize your space and only purchase those components required for your space. Cellaracks is available to assist you in design and installation.