Can I add additional racks to my design?

Cellaracks understands that a wine collection and storage is a special endeavor; and as your collect grows, so should your rack.  Our racks are designed to be easily expanded based on capacity, space and budget.  You’ll note that each vertical support connector is equipped with a placeholder to accept additional wine bottle holders.  Although it is difficult to ‘add height’ to an existing rack, all existing parts are interchangeable and reusable.  Cellaracks can assists in supplying the right items to grow your racking system.

Are bottle holders available in other configurations?

Cellaracks uses a 3-bottle holder as our base design, but single or double configurations are available to maximize space or fit factors, e.g. having a remainder in your straight wall run.  It would be best to work directly with our design staff to accommodate such requests.

How do you place corners into your layout?

Racking a corner has provided the industry unique challenges…no more.  Cellaracks design offers a seamless transition from straight to corner aspects, doing either convex or convex radius.  A standalone corner occupies a space of 21”x21”, and thereafter you can start to connect a straight run (on either side).  The best practice is to assemble your corner and attack a couple straight runs and move this entire unit into your corner to find the best fit, ensuring level, true and square orientations.  Once set into position, index the back and front brackets and secure appropriately.  Continue to ‘build-out’ from the straight runs.

How best to order corners of straight sections?

Cellaracks supplies all packages as standalone assemblies, e.g. straight or corners sections.  Straight sections are defined by rows (R) and columns (C) representing height and length.  Corners are supplied only based on the number of rows (R).  See Cellaracks Ordering Guide.  If you’re planning on connecting a corner to a straight section, please let us know, as we need to account for another series of bottle holders to connect the 2 packages….easy.

Can I 'mix and match' with other suppliers?

Absolutely.  Your cellar is your space, your investment.  Cellaracks offers a very competitive cost/ft2 of build-out cellar space; augmenting or accents with traditionally more expensive wood or metal structure may offer your desired look.

Can I attach other items to your rack?

The intended use of Cellaracks is to rack wine bottles, we don’t suggest hanging object that will increase the static, side or dynamic loads.  We have incorporated LED lighting schemes into the rack, offering accent or different color/accent highlights.

What skills are needed to assemble and install?

If you can assemble LEGOs®, Lincoln Logs®, K’NEX®, or similar – then you have the skillsets.  Cellarack assembly is very straight-forward and requires no tools – we do supply a small wrench for final assembly tightening.  Once the vertical supports are assembled, the remaining parts are ‘snapped’ onto this backbone.  Collectively, this matrix of parts becomes very rigid once assembled.  That’s it!  The installation does require and some tools (cordless drill) and an understanding of plumb, level and trueness to achieve a proper look. 

How should I clean the assembly?

Yes, the use of household cleaners are fine (409, Fantastic, Windex, etc.).  Harsh cleaner or solvents should be avoided, as they will affect appearance.  A Swiffer cloth or feather duster also works.

What are the plastic parts made of?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, commonly known as ABS.  ABS offers superior solvent weld hold strengths, readily available, color stable and cost controlled.  We use acetone to solvent weld various parts and this same practice can be used by end users to repair or bolster strength assemblies.  It only takes a dab (wetted modelers brush) to quickly wick and cement the area. 

What if I want taller units than 8-feet?

Cellaracks has designed a profile and sourced the aluminum vertical supports in 8-foot lengths.  Yet, the profile is consistent with aluminum stock that is available in 20-foot pieces.  Industry profiles have more wall girth that allows for longer supports and loads.  Once Cellaracks has identified your desired length, they will be detailed and powder coated.  After that, our assembly and mounting instructions are identical.

Why are the bottles tilted?

Tilting a wine bottle is the preferred means to protect your investment.  Tilting allows for the cork to remain wetted and the bottles’ shoulder to collect wine making residuals, such as tartaric acid.  Cellaracks are designed to tilt a bottle about 5o, reducing the bubble size within the bottle.

Do I need to support my Cellarack?

Support means to secure to structure.  Cellaracks instructions details the methods and provides supplies to adequately secure your wine rack in place.  A rack that is not supported could result in injury or loss of investment.  It is our recommendation that all Cellaracks be secured.

Are different colors available?

Plastics can be shot in an array of color and Cellaracks can assist in finding that prefect hue.  We have a long-standing relationship with our injection molder and they have the expertise to deliver outcomes.  This is an iterative process with final sign-off and minimum part count required.

What other treatments are available?

Hydroprinting or Liquid Transfer Printing is an options, so to is Cerakoting.  Parts can be sprayed with a number of clear finishes (Satin to Gloss) to enhance appearance.  Cellaracks has an outlet to get nearly any image of custom hydroprinting films.  We have done alumni logos, family crests, sports teams, and vineyard landscapes.  You can pick from a catalogue or create your own image/picture.  The possibilities are endless.  Once you approve the artwork, the film is ordered.  Lead times can be >1month.

Can you take different shapes?

Designs are endless.  Cellaracks can provide you the parts to create circles, rounded corners, under stairway holders, niche spaces, waves-forms, etc.  It starts with your imagination; doddle your creation and then use our Ordering Guide to condense your creation.  Our design team can help you find the right fit.

Can Cellaracks be placed outdoors?

Yes, all components are weather resistant and can be washed off with a hose or sponge washed.  Perfect application for an pool side bar, outdoor grill or gathering place feature.